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I’m always stumbling into great little finds. I like to explore and get off the beaten shopping track. Maybe the result of being dragged around antique shops as a child. Not that I’m complaining. The latest find is a great little shop called Attik Bazaar, just off the Gold Coast Highway in Palm Beach. My style, at least in my head, is pretty eclectic so when I see this place my heart skips a beat. Beautiful little finds that have been lovingly restored by Ruth Matthews. An array of vintage chairs, armoires, mirrors, cabinets, dressers, stools all beautifully painted and reupholstered. My head was spinning as to how I could work some of these pieces into my current home. But if I could do what I want, when I want I would have to change my surname to Steptoe.

The bonus of this great little store is its proximity to one of the best cafes going around. Barefoot Barista Cafe is the big sister to Borough Barista in Burleigh. Don’t get me started on their food, I could munch my way through the entire menu if my stomach allowed. I heard a rumour that one of the proprietors, Lizzie, is the master chef and master mind of the menu. Who knows. Who cares. Just get there if you can.

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Anyone heading to NYC? Check this out

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This is our first test video blogging in italian..soon some videos in english too!

Yesterday we went for the first time to Chelsea Market and we had our first lobster in NYC! – For this activity we want to thank our friends Laura, Andrea, Marta and Fabrizio and the NY book that they gave us before our departure <3-

In the Chelsea Market ( there’s an incredible fish shop called The Lobster Place ( where you can buy all kinds of seafood and also have boiled lobster or delicious soup -we suggest you to try the Lobster Soup, it’s amazing-
All this for less than you can think!
You can find Chelsea Market on the 9th Avenue, between 16th and 15th street.

// Questa è la nostra prima prova di video blogging in italiano..presto arriveranno anche i video in inglese!

Ieri siamo stati per la prima volta al Chelsea…

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